Review of Alaska 730

Well the move is in process! Yesterday I took Alaska Flight 730 to Seattle.

We boarded he jet at 0430 local time with a departure time of 0500

Due to MX issues, we ended up being delayed 40 minutes, the flight down wasn’t bad unforently they didn’t have breakfast so food was a no go, unless you were first class they were served hot breakfast.

The flight down wasn’t rough, it was long though. Arriving to Seattle at 0930 local.

Over all the flight down wasn’t bad, long, and tiring for sure!


Wait, you were moving from Alaska to Washington?

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@anon93248082 I think you are tired from moving! Lol, last I checked Seattle was still in Washington not Alaska😜😂


Yes! I’m two on two off now so I can live where ever!

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Sure am lol!

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Nice review! What were the MX issues?

Also what does MX stand for?

Not sure they never said, and Maintence it’s an aviation abbrivation

Oh right sorry I was being stupid.

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That’s fine! You’re not stupid if ya didn’t know lol

Dang Deregulation!

Awesome shots! Good luck finishing up the move

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This was actually amazing to me…

I did a flight this summer from LAS-SEA-Taipei-Macau and same route back and both times from the flight to And from Seattle to LAS I flew the More to Love 737-900.

Oh yea, I flew first class. Right where that border pattern wall thing is in front of you. I have pictures if it’s approved by you to show

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Feel free to share!! Lol

That Legroom 😮

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