Review of 90 day landings

Can we reconsider the 90 day landing requirement. At grade 3 and above it is difficult to maintain the landing requirements of 100 or more. Moreover with global, flight time is likely to be the overriding factor as you may get only one landing to many hours of flight time. So we need to create a more even balance of experience.


I would agree with this being reviewed, global has changed things up and I think minimizing it might be a good idea.

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The best way to get landings is to do quick and easy touch and goes. You can easily get 30 landings in a 45-1hr session. If you dont want to do that then do short 25-45min hops to different airports.

I personally believe that the current state is completely fine and makes having Grade 4 or 5 really show to everyone that you are an active user on Infinite Flight.


I also agree as I prefer to do much longer flights which usually take the day so it isn’t possible to do more than one flight a day

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This is not a support topic as there is nothing wrong with the sim itself, this sounds more like a feature request to me If you want feature requests, they need to be posted in Features .

Being that you are TL1 and you need to be TL2 in order to post in Features. i would check out the thread below

The only thing about doing lots of touch and goes is that 90 days later you have to do lots more to keep your landings up to the required level.

not really as if u get a landing every day you should be able to maintain it for a long time

Good point, but if for some reason you’re unable to fly for some time, you’re forever playing catch-up to meet the landing target.

and that is when you do tough and goes and pattern work again :-)

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But then that sort of negates the purpose of global.

Global isn’t about doing long hauls, it’s about flying wherever you want. Be it touch & goes, or ULHs.


global flight can be 10 min flights or 10 hours flights it can be touch and goes or from point A to point B

Correct, this Sim is about FLYING. Not being a passenger in an airliner as it flies U around. I’m currently Grade 5. Do about 5 TGs per day and that keeps me Grade 5.


Try and grab a smaller, less automated aircraft. Try the C208 and start flying. 😂

I’m sorry, but you miss the point. With global, you can fly around the world, just doing touch and goes can be done in certain aircraft using nav and appr and does not give much flight experience because, as I said berfore, one is forever playing catch-up. I have no big Hang up about this. I just think that with global the 90 day landing requirement should be reviewed.

Pattern work is fun especially if it’s windy. Bite the bullet and do a few short hauls or some pattern work.

Honestly I think it’s fine. A landing a day (almost) is more than sufficient. It just keep you in the game and if you’re under you can just do T/Gs at windy airports and get a ton of xp as well. It separates the non actives from the actives because grade 3s are expected to maintain a level of maturity on the expert server and that grows the more you play the game. If you’re in for the short run then the expert server may not be the best option for you.

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Ok, first we shouldn’t use NAV AND APPR for touch and goes. Jetliners simply are not good for those. You risk overspeeding and theyre automated. Boo!!!
Second, Grade are about experience, following instructions, learning and above all being able to successfully pilot our aircraft. Ur not playing catch up u just have to step outside of ur comfort zone. I’m available to help any person who needs to do T&G’s. And lastly, the requirement for Grade 3 is like a 100 landings. Is it really that hard? People have a 1000 flights but only 50 landings. Why is that?


I think this is an issue we can debate on for a long time.
For some people here, maintaining 100 /200 landing pro month is difficult (considering most of us here have a private life too, we hope ).

However, keep in mind there is a feature request to reduce the landings required in the famous 90 days

Quite a bit of people (like me) do not have time go make 5 touch & goes per day. I play infinite flight 4-5 times a month and I have more than 1000 hours of flight and 700k+ XP (i’m Grade 3)

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