Review: My Experience on IFSIM

IFSIM is one of the friendliest communities of pilots and controllers you will ever meet. I have known them and talked to them on discord for a while now and currently under training to become an ATC controller. The in depth detail of what they do is amazing. From using the official departures and approaches of airports to having dedicated discord voice channels for; clearance delivery, ATIS, Ground, Tower, Departure, Center, Approach, Emergency and even a dedicated training channel for people like me to learn. The Controllers are amazing using official charts and if you get something wrong, they will politely correct you. The CEO Keith is a good guy just to talk to in general organizing of events and just controlling everything.

They hold events on the free flight server regularly for pilots and controllers to hone their skills, using the exact pilots language for a realistic experience that every pilot should enjoy.

I thoroughly recommend IFSIM to any of my friends if you love a realistic infinite flight experience


Hello @Kieran_Lockhart

I would love to thank you for these kind words. You have been a loyal pilot and ATC trainee on our network, and thanks for the compliment :)


@_keithjames99 good to be part of this community


Yes I totally agree

Were you paid or bribed to post this?


no its just showing my opinion of this group

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Do it I originally found the community from an event they held

IFSIM is wonderful! I have nothing bad to say about it! It’s all great! The concept is great! The people are great! All good things!

Paid, I want to get paid for posting something😂 Atleast 10€😂

Guys, IFSIM reay is great. It really helps with Verbal atc skills

Is ifsim always active or are there regularly scheduled times? I’ll try it out as long as it isn’t just me talking to some kid pretending to be an ATC expert.

Regularly scheduled times

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