Review my 787 landing

I’m practicing to get a better pitch control on the 787, how was my landing?


Looks good to me, I would’ve landed a little earlier, but that’s about it.

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Great landing just 2 things
1.make sure you don’t use 100% RV it’s not realistic
2.let your aircraft glide over the runway then take off auto throttle and flare

Id say add a little more speed or cut the trim to make the approach a little more level. Looked like you were at flare angle the entire time. Besides that great landing.

Won’t ground effect make you balloon by a huge margin though? I think taking off A/T at that point is about right.

I don’t know maybe it just me but I like the glide effect to the ground when I land

Don’t use auto throttle, as you can control your glide angle with it without changing the pitch. I’m also pretty sure that IRL pilots don’t do that. Great landing otherwise! 😉👍

Aernout said once that using 100% RV was done.

Easy when there’s is no wind lol

Too lazy to add winds.

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