Review flight after completion

Hi, I’m a newbie on Infinite flight & so far, I’ve only flown solo & on the live casual server while I practice my basic skills.

On solo, there is a flight review option, which gets replaced by the ATC logo in live -casual. Once the flight in live is completed, is there any way I can go back & review the flight using different camera angles so that I can identify any errors which need correction?

I’d very much appreciate comments & suggestions.



No, I’m pretty sure that there is no replay in Live.

No. Unfortunately not. You can record the flight if your device is compatible, but that records what happens and what you do. The only way to watch the flight back over is in solo mode for by recording.
Hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies.

Would be nice to have such a feature in a future update. Don’t know if this other players/flyers would concur.

I suppose I could put this idea through features, sorta like a takeoff, climb out, cruise, flight path, descent and landing according to the parameters utilized in flight.

You could compare your flight path vs flight plan.

I like it. If a mod would like to move this over to features I’d be glad to stand behind it.

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The devs said a while ago that Live will not be getting a replay feature. It’s in real time, after all.

If you’re concerned about your skills, practice in solo and use replay, as you have been doing so far.

I’m talking more of a review feature where you can review your flight path, flight plan, speeds flown, VS, etc.

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The KLM files on the liveflight horizon, kind of shows you your flightpath.

But not speed not VS.

Not aloud to move this.

Thanks for all the inputs folks. I understand that what I want won’t be available, but as zbelle suggested, it might be nice to have a little summary after the flight which could summarize the deviations from the normal flight parameters.

Thanks very much once again to every one who took the time to give their inputs.

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