[REVIEW] A week of using IF on the iPhone14 Pro Max

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Welcome to my short review of Infinite Flight on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

I browsed a few topics on here that has had people speaking about the phone so I thought I’d give my input on it after using my phone for IF this past week.

After downloading IF I headed straight to the settings and set the following Graphics Settings:

  • Rendering Quality - High
  • 3D Objet Density - High
  • Rendering Resolution - High
  • Texture Quality - High
  • Anti-Aliasing - High
  • Frame Rate Limit - 60fps

Also note - I ran IF only. No other background apps running and it was ran on a fresh reboot of the device.

I am aware that for some this is a bit overkill but I really wanted to test the phone out at the sims max settings.

I flew various flights ranging from 2-4 hours some days. Then when I had more time on the weekend etc I flew some long hauls ranging 6-9 hours. (Not long for some, but for me these are )

IF ran extremely well on all of these flights. Keeping up with the 60fps that I had set it to and I never really found that it ever dropped below that even with traffic or the 3D Airports.

I will say that only sometimes the phone got slightly hot while having the charger plugged in but not anywhere near the heat some of my older devices used to get when playing fully maxed out.

Now for the Elephant in the room… The Dynamic Island.

It’s not as bad as you would think, it’s there and it can’t be moved so you have to live with it. It reminds me of when Apple first added the notch and people complained.

In terms of it effecting IF it’s not that bad. Depending on which way your holding your phone, it slightly comes into contact with the HUD UI but it doesn’t make it unplayable in anyway. After so long of using it, you actually forget that it’s there.

All in all I’d say that the 14 Pro Max is a great mobile device and handles IF very very well as you would expect from it.

If anyone has any further questions regarding the phone and IF feel free to leave a reply below and I hope that this topic covers most of anyones questions if they were thinking about upgrading.

Happy Flying!


A great in-depth review! I’d suggest dropping this at the topic below instead, it’d be of great assistance to users looking to upgrade their device. :)

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