Revert Report

Hello … Good night.

I have a complaint to expose, I was flying normally and when I was arriving at final landing the ATC authorized me to land, but when I looked at the map I had an aircraft at the head of the runway, then I had to cast off, I warned the tower soon then I made a 360 turn to land on another free lane, so that’s okay, he authorized all of these procedures, I landed normal with tower upgrade, and when I left the IF he gave me a 1 year lock, please my help, I need to fly in the experct, I kindly ask you to remove this block, the image of the blocking Screenshot_20181029-222114

Who was your controller at the time, and what airport were you at?

First off about the report, please contact the controller. No need for a topic. But did you see it say you were reported at any point? Because you probably would not have a ghost if you were authorized as you say…

Please check your logbook for the name of the controller who reported you, and contact them in a PM. If you cannot find them here on the community, post a screenshot of your logbook and someone will be happy to point you to the controller.


Please pm the controller directly. If you need help finding the controller you can PM a moderator and we can help.