Reversing Flight Plan

Is there a way I can somehow loop my flight plan so I don’t have to go back and select a waypoint I want to go to?

What do you mean exactly?

Sharp turns on short waypoints

Reverse the flight plan?

I mean can I set a flight plan and is there any way it can repeat?

I think he meant never ending flight plan, ex: rather than point A to B, he wants A, B, A, B …in loop

Yeah :) :)

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Not at this time, no. (Other than a really painstaking process of moving each waypoint down in succession.)

Well that stinks😔

What if you just copy and paste the flight plan over and over into IF?

You can simply select way points over and over. We don’t know what’s his plan. :) I think maybe he wants to go to egll to klax and option to reverse plan from klax to egll effortlessly. But you need Sid/stars to flip too, maybe good for ppl who plan airport to airport :D

Ahh ok. Not sure why you would want to do that. I just thought if he put the flight plan in twice say when he got to his destination it would fly back to his departing airport and then start again

If you set up flight plan properly you can’t fly back same way unless you fly in reverse. You go in runway and come out other way. Unless he talks about like real flight plan and he sets Sid/stars when he reaches airports. That means he has to put some inputs.

No I just want to be able to walk away from my device and the flight plan will loop it’s self so I don’t have to keep selecting waypoints.

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