Reversing a violation

This is not a big deal but long story short I got a violation for going over M .90 and I had my speed set for M .87. Is there a way to reverse the violation? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Violations will not be removed under any circumstance unless there was an issue with the app. Which there wasn’t. Cruise at max .85 for most passenger jets, no faster.

No, violations cannot be reversed. You were not supposed to go that fast unless you were in a fighter jet.

Just because you set your speed to .87 doesn’t mean your aircraft will automatically go to .87. Winds can speed up your aircraft along with a load of other factors.

Violations are not reversible. Ever. There are many topics like yours, read those before posting a new one. Sorry…

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This can be caused by tailwinds. Unfortunately I don’t think Tyler will remove your violation, but you can always give it a shot by sending him a PM.

Tailwind will increase ground speed but will never increase your Mach. And my math was increased.