Reversers and Rudder combination

I think the rudder needs some tweaks when used on the runway after touchdown. As I noticed that when the aircraft touched down on the runway and pulled down steadily the throttle for reversers, then when applied with rudders to correct the alignment of the aircraft to the centerline, the rudder won’t take effect, as it has been pressed or slide. Perhaps if it will take effect, it will disconnected immediately and suddenly your aircraft will be at the side of the runway, noticing that the rudder betrays you while the reversers were still intact.

seems like the app don’t want a touch command to be use at the same time.

The rudder is more effective when you slow down.

Before you touchdown especially during crosswinds
I would make sure the flight path vector is close to the centerline and the nose of the aircraft is facing the wind and just about 20-30 feet use opposite rudder to get your plane much closer or on the centerline.

Also watch the
Crosswind landing tutorial video.

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Adding on, when using the crab you are to use rudder before you touchdown around 20-30ft to correct your crab approach. This should line you up on the runway and then continued intermittent rudder deflections as you slow should allow you to stay relatively center on the runway. IN higher corsswinds remember even the professionals arent staying lined up the entire time even with proper crab. Just a matter of how it works but as you slow you’ll get more control back.


What I did with A320:

  • 2 Nm before TOUCHDOWN I set APPR OFF (SPD remains).
  • I adjust the RUDDER to align
  • At MINIMUMS (generally 200 ft) I set SPD OFF
  • At 40ft / 30ft THROTTLE OFF
  • Rear gears touch
  • LANDING SPOILERS auto-expand
  • I manage the nose to have a smooth touch of the nose of the plane
  • RUDDER 0
  • 30 kts BRAKE OFF free rolling to the exit

The best way to counter in my experience is to set your brakes even before you touchdown then turn it off once u hit 100kts then reverse thrust. Then use manual braking by holding down on the rudder.

But this only happens mostly during crosswind landings so its important you know how to properly execute one so you can always stay on centerline.

That’s highly unrealistic tho

In what sense? Leaving the brakes on before touchdown is literally the same thing as having autobrakes when landing irl.

I guess you don’t know how autobreakes work. Auto brakes are the same as the spoilers. They just arm it. It’ll activated once they’ve touched the ground. If you land with brakes activated, you will blow your tires. And breaks in IF currently is too strong to be used while moving. Hence unrealistic to use. If you were Putting the same pressure on the breaks irl, the breaks will over heat and risk a fire. For reverse thrust, why would you wait until 100knots? You should activate the reverse thrust as soon as you touch down. If there’s no aircraft behind you, no aircraft waiting for takeoff and if the runways is long enough then you can decide whether to use or not to use. But 99% of the time, I recommend you use your reverse thrust if your going for realism.

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