Reverser on while Parked

Feel free to close this if this is a known issue I’m sorry if there is a duplicate but I searched. Not that big of an issue but while taxiing my friends reverse thrust was on while under the speed that they automatically turn off as well as while parked. Once again I don’t want this to get a lot of attention I just wanted to let the devs know that this is a bug


Please provide your device and Operating System info ;)


Device IPhone 8 IOS 11.0.2. As well as latest version of infinite flight

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Update your phones operating system and restart your device. Report back.

Might be good to know if you were able to consistently reproduce this as well.

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Will do thanks for the help

No but I’ve seen spoilers armed even though my friend was saying they weren’t armed on his screen

Maybe it’s because of the update

Seems to have fixed the issue haven’t been able to duplicate thanks

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