Reverse thrusters not working

my Reverse thrusters aren’t working for my joystick. It doesn’t make the plane slow down

I also am unable to start any engines with a joystick button

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Hi there, I recommend checking out this thread to make sure you have it setup right. I had the same problem and my problem was, I didn’t have the drivers installed. Make sure to go to your joystick’s website and download the latest driver.

-IFATC VulicityHD

@PlaneStyle whats a driver? And if i do that will it halp/fix the problems above?

What kind of joystick do you have?

logitech extreme 3D pro

And are you using live flight to connect your joystick?

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@VulicityHD yup i am!.

So go to the link above and download the latest drivers.

after i do that will it help/fix my issues?

On your computer, of course.

Yes, that is usually always the issue. Drivers not being updated causes problems.

ok. When i download it what do i do next?

Let’s take this to PM.

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