Reverse Thrust

So a quick question, in real-world application pilots often use “idle reverse thrust” upon landing, and I’m not sure if there’s such thing in Infinite Flight yet? Because of this, is it best to use 50-60% reverse N1% upon touchdown?

Is there some sort of N1% conversion for idle reverse thrust?


I think that’s just negative whatever 0% thrust N1 is

So if you’re idle at 20% N1 by default, idle reverse would be 0% N1?

I generally use 80% reverse thrust upon landing with no brakes until 50knts ground speed.

As said above ‘idle thrust’ is basically just normal idle in IF.

Idle reverse thrust is very little throttle in reverse.

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Yeah, idle reverse thrust is just very little power, but in reverse.

Don’t know how to do it in IF. Just pull down a tiny bit I guess
IRL, the reason to use idle thrust is that it still uses the least amount of fuel, but allows a faster stop since the thrust direction is changed.

It’s the same for normal thurst as well. 0-1 % reverse thrust would be approx. 20-21% N1, Hence that is why it is called idle thurst.

Idle thrust in IF would make sense if we had autobrake, but we can alternatively mimic autobrake with progressive braking. IRL it is used when landing on runways where you have to vacate either towards the end or if there is no hurry to vacate or just if the runway is long!

You want to use full reverse thrust on touchdown. Slows you down quicker, assisting the spoilers and flaps you should have deployed.

No. You only use full if it is a very short runway. It’s not just about stopping early.


Yeah, you don’t need to use full reverse thrust

If it’s a very short runway then don’t land there. Divert.

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I don’t mean very very short. I mean something like southend. There are over 20 flights a day. The runway is 6500 ft every time. pilots always use 100% reverse thrust.

If it’s a very short runway with the right sized aircraft, it’s fine. No need to divert 🙃

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50 knots GS is a little bit too late to cut the reverse from what I know, normally you start cutting reverse thrust at 80-70 knots and by 60 knots you shouldn’t be using any reverse thrust.


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