Reverse Thrust

What’s the problem with applying 100% reverse thrust?


You should strive to keep the throttle N1 percentage 100% and below. In the real world, If you keep the N1 percentage over 100% for long periods of time, you can damage the engines. Check this post out. Takeoff power The same rule applies upon reverse thrust.


Wow Thanks, I never really knew that! ;)

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Sometimes you can land a plane without thrust reverse I landed to day at KSFO in a crj-200 I stopped fast only using elbow grease and spoilers!

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I will use 60 per ent reverse as soon as back wheels are down the 80 once front wheel is down and as soon a s I hit 60 knots In airspeed disengage and on and off brakes doen to 25 for a quick exit or 10 for a non quick exit. Hope this helps.

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Common unofficial procedure at KSFO. The airplanes generally roll past the intersection to exit and might have to hold short of 28L so they do this to roll towards the end of the runway.

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And if you want to be even more realistic, I recommend always staying below 90% N1 (including during takeoff and with reverse thrust) unless something very important/unusual comes up.
(Edit: Now that I think about it, all this is probably in the Takeoff link that @anon7075715 brought up.)

What percentage is idle reverse in IF?

During takeoff, I think they mostly go over 90%.
Depens on the weight and other stuff tho.

0%, I would assume (not 100% certain)


Yah, but then the doors don’t open lol
So mybe around 1%


I don’t think there is such a thing as idle reverse (at least in IF). I think if the engine is idle, it’s not in reverse.

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This is pretty interesting to read.

if you put the brakes on immediately adter landing. which should not be done. brakes is used only bellow 70knts. or you risk tire burnout but still if you do in IF. you dont need thrust reverser. you can land mlw a380 on 5000ft. :p

So much for the AARP autobrake once you touchdown :-)

No it’s not a typo lol, auto land is for us older players denying the need for reading glasses and approach gets “fuzzy” at times lol

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That’s not true… have you heard of auto brakes? Some planes don’t even use reverse thrust or use idle reverse, so you can use the brakes above 70 knots!

I’ve actually heard of the auto brakes based on the tilt of the gear and actuator response to the landing, and yes auto brakes engage, I was just just kidding about auto land applying brakes but I honestly don’t know if “brakes” as the button are 100% or pilot controlled pressure

Autoland does activate brakes 😆

Yup ;) just jabbing at pervious poster in jest

yup there is aito brakes that engages above 70knts. but IRL. like in a320 series, there are three categories of brake. low med and high. for speed qbove 70knts its always low or med unless there’s an emergency. parking brakes are never engaged above 70knts IRL. what we have in IF.