Reverse Thrust

I see that reverse thrust has been taken off. Is it something general or just the version I purchased?

On the second note, my aircraft seems to crash nowadays anytime that I attempt to land, while I use to successfully land in the past. What could be causing this? Things have changed with infinite flight, and I feel the app has been downgraded, and I am not getting my money’s worth.

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On what aircraft? Not all the aircraft are equipped with reverse thrust.

That sounds more like pilot error to be honest, nothing have changed with the app for quite some time that would affect this.


The app has not been updated this year. So landings won’t have changed


@S_pios… MaxSez: I note you re joined a day ago! From your comment it appears you’ve flown this simulator before. I suggest your just out of practice or where never proficient in the past. Suggest you strap on a 172 and fly the kiddie server with a 172 until you get your JuJu back. It’s not the platform my friend its Pilot Error I suspect. Pls post your Stats the numbers telll the Tail… Regards


Reverse thrust is not visible on the CRJ-200 and the Cessna series. Other than that, not sure what aircraft you are using and not seeing reverse thrust

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I don’t see reverse thrust anymore on any of the airbuses.

Remember, it only works on the ground (minus the C130) and above 40kn ground speed

Don’t see? You need to pull the throttle down to the bottom to activate it. It’s not a button.

With an Airbus it should work fine.

I’d expect it to be what A400M indicated: You must be going 40 knots ground speed or you won’t be able to activate reverse thrust. Don’t try this on a taxiway or you will get a violation (at least when on the training/expert server)!

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