Reverse thrust

Hello, I have phone with Android and I don’t know where to find reverse thrust. I have read that it works when you just move thrust to 0 but it doesn’t work in my case in any speed.

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Just pull the Thrust down.
Not every plan has reverse. Try the C-130.

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Thanks for contacting support!

Reverse thrust is only available on most but not all aircraft - try the A320 as an example.

With the throttle at 0%, continue to move it back - this should activate the reverse thrust.

Please note that you need to be at quite a high groundspeed for it to be most effective, so make sure you’re not trying to activate reverse thrust whilst stationary or moving below about 40 knots grounspeed. It is most effective after touchdown when travelling at higher speeds.


Also make sure your autopilot is off 😉


when the throttle reaches 0%, pull it down even more and even though the numbers will rise, its actually the amount of reverse thrust your putting in.
I usually finish with the reverse thrust at about 60 knots and then apply the brakes

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Isn’t it 30 knots groundspeed?

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No, it’s 40. Always have been.


And to make sure (on most planes at least) the reverse only works if you’re on the ground…

No, it was never lower than the max taxi speed on Live. Pretty sure 😉
@Mico65 how are you going solving your problem? Can you provide us with any more information?

Be aware!!! Not all ACFT have Reverse Thrust, with Aircraft that do ONCE ON THE GROUND you can pull the throttle slider all the way back and it should activate Reverse thrust.

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How to operate reverse thrust:

1.Simply put throttle to idle (0%)
2. Once at 0%, pull back
3. This can only be done on the runway during a landing.
4. The CRJ-200 is an old aircraft and does not have reverse thrust, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it on the engines. However, note that it is operating
5. Best of luck! Hope this helped!

Is there a topic for this? So many people every day ask about this. We answer the same thing evey single time! Is there a topic? If not, Should we make one?