Reverse Thrust Throttle Animation

I think I can say Im not the only one who hates how the reverse thrust animation for the throttles goes from the bottom to the top in a split second and then back to the bottom after your done. I would love to have the reverse thrust levers on the throttle be moving as you would in real life.

This video shows the process of moving the thrust reverse levers to begin the sequence. Would love to see this animation in Infinite Flight.

This would be a neat addition to any reworks or new planes, I’ll consider voting! and i’m assuming this isn’t a dupe

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I’ve flagged the old one for closure.


This would be Nice to have, but you don’t look at the throttle when you land

Actually it is. Correct Reverse Thrust Animations
Go vote here.

That’s way too old. Your one here seems good and up to date, you’re more likely to get votes here.

Ok cool. Hopefully the mods agree.

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I look at it all the time during landing honestly, not very flattering.

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Old one had three votes and is now closed.


Can be closed :)

I mean they still reallly need to do this I don’t like it Either

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