Reverse thrust, spawning at airports I never picked and simulated emergencies

So, first thing I have is I ask about is reverse thrust. How come you can’t activate it in the air or under 30 knots unless you’re in a propeller military plane?? I understand they work better at higher speeds and aren’t designed to be used in the air, but it’s physically possible to activate it doing those two things in real life. Also, when I’m in a solo match instead of online, I fly not too far, and it spawns me at a different airport that I never picked when I do a take off or a short final. How do I stop this? One more thing is, can you have the plane break up if you go past the g limits of an aircraft or over speed the engine/aircraft? Even if it’s not visible, just make fire come out or remove the flaps at high speeds or make an engine disable for what you mess up. Like, if you go too fast for the flaps, just disable them so you can’t use them even if it’s not visible. Can you also choose what would fail at the beginning of a match? Even online. Also, while in a match you should be able to choose what would fail until you leave the match and join back so you can’t cheat and make it work again. So you should have players being able to come and put out the fire on landing and have a simulated passenger removal/moving the plane. Just trying to make the game better. Thank you!


Check out #features, you can vote on features that describe what you want to be added. Found these about yours specifically.

It’ll pick the runway closest to you.

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While being physically possible in case of multiple malfunctions, the thrust reverser are locked in flight IRL as otherwise they would pose a significant safety risk. (I know this for the Airbus for sure.)

A good example of the associated risk would be the Lauda B767 Crash some decades ago in Asia.

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