Reverse Thrust On B777-300ER's

Hi there! So I was wondering do you all use full reverse thrust when landing a B777-300ER or just use idle reverse thrust? Or in other cases if you don’t mind please tell me how much percentage of the reverse thrust should I use when I have touched down on the runway.

Thanks for your help! :)

Well you should normally always use reverse thrust when landing. It’s going to help you slow quickly. I normally do reverse thrust 75% to 100% on any aircraft as it’s hard to gauge what percent your at.
Also a tip is to stop using reverse thrust at 60 knots and use your brakes.


100% thrust i use so thats nice

It depends where you want to stop/exit the runway. However, you are pretty free in this

It depends on your current speed,and where u will exit the runway
I normally use 70-100N1

Up to you, it’s a game at the end of the day even if you try to emulate real life. If you choose not to use reverse thrust at all who is gonna stop you? lol. For me it has quite a bit of factors with regards to my airspeed, the exit I am trying to take, and also if another aircraft is on final behind myself. I usually disengage reverse thrust at around 70 knots, and disengage autobrake at 60 knots, using manual braking thereafter. But that’s just me, it varies as per aircraft. I usually fly the 777 on P3D and this works perfectly for me, happens to work well on IF too :)

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