Reverse Thrust Issue!

Two things are quite unrealistic when it comes to reverse thrust in IF:
1-Reverse thrust isn’t louder than “not reversed” thrust, and yet, in IF idle reverse has a loud distorted sound, even though it is in IDLE, and not to mention the full reverse sound.
This must change! It is unrealistic.
2-Reverse thrust in IF produces TO/GA (100%) thrust, in real life, it only goes up to 70% to 80% of thrust. This is also extremely unrealistic.

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Sorry, this is a little unclear

Are you stating that the sounds for reverse thrust and the thrust levels for reverse thrust are unrealistic?

You could vote for the feature request below to request a rework on engine sounds which includes reverse thrust.

I meant that the sound it unrealistic.

Reverse thrust, when used to decelerate an airplane on landing, can sound louder because it is pushing air forward at a high rate of speed into oncoming air. That creates a lot more noise as compared to pushing air along with moving air in a normal configuration.

You don’t need to pull the throttle back to 100% reverse. You can pull down to 70-80% just fine.


To me it’s not all about realism it’s just about having fun

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Well, I understand, however I think we should always aim to further realism!

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It can sound different, in fact, however not louder, but not on idle reverse, it doesn’t make any sound with 0% on the throttle.
Regarding taking it to 70% to 80%, I know, you can do that, sure, but even so, it is still unrealistic that you can take it to 100%.
(Please don’t get me wrong, I am quite a “realistic pilot”, and therefore I am very annoying at times, but not in an angry way, don’t get the wrong idea hahaha.)

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There are 2 set of reverse thrust. Pilots doesn’t open full reverse all the time. He saying the numbers wrong and sound are not very realistic for 2 reverse.

I’m not sure I understand.

Problem is IF doesn’t have idle reverse :)

Idle reverse are used in case aircraft’s doesn’t slows down over runs runway. Keep them idle until they exit runway. Because to deploy full reverse it takes few secs to kick in.
That’s what’s idle reverse, it’s ready but not being used, :) does it sounds diff than normal engine idle?

It does, for who has joysticks it does.

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