Reverse Thrust in Mid Air


I was trying to do the smoothest landing possible so I kept pressing the go back 20 seconds after touch down and a wee bit of slowing down. When watching a replay, this happened…

How to recreate - Select B77W and TNCM rwy 10 approach, touch down and start slowing using reverse thrust and then go back 20 seconds. Then do it over a few times, then watch the replay.

Device, iOS and version - iPad Air, latest version of iOS and latest IF.


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I would not say this is a bug, since I.F. does not actually record this, but just takes the plane back (20 secs) and re-does the actions, therefore the plane has to take the configuration back to how it was in flight. (Rev off)

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It was already after I had flown for a few seconds.

Yep, same with the wheels still rolling.

This is what would happen in real world:


I was gonna mention that crash. Saw it on ACI.

It happened to me too

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I doubt it would be that serious, considering he’s on short final.

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I’m pretty sure that’s an approach not a short final look at the replay in the original picture, it’s more than half way done and it’s about the distance a short final would be

Yes, he did an approach. What I’m saying is he is currently on short final for runway 10. The other half of the replay would be taxiing.

Happens to me in 747-400 all the time IPad mini with retina iOS 9.2