Reverse thrust glitch

I had just landed and parked at VTBS from UUEE. I saw this and I was really confused. How are their reverse thrusters on if they are stationary? This has to be a glitch.

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Yes it’s glitch
It’s quite annoying

Animations can sometimes bug out and stay in place. It’s pretty common. I normally see this with spoilers that glitch out when someone tests the spoilers. It mildly annoys me but if it’s fine on their screen, no worries :^)

Yes I didn’t mind it. It’s nothing compared to the app crashing :)

this happened to me yday, the noise was so annoying

yes its irritating

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At least it’s not as bad as leaving your doors open on the takeoff roll! 😆

If your not gonna close it, don’t open 2L

You don’t know how many times I’ve seen this since 20.1! 😂😂

Wow… I haven’t seen that yet

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