Reverse Thrust during Taxi

Hello everyone! Today after I landed in Los Angeles from Tucson I was taxing to terminal 1 and I wittinessed something quite unusual. There was a Alaska ”More to love” B739 taxing with reverse thrust going. I thought nothing of it as it was training server but I soon realized ref Aircraft was going 20 knots ground speed. This makes it impossible to do reverse thrust. I then remembered at Seattle there was a Alaska A320 taxing around 15 knots with reverse thrust going. I am not convinced this is a glitch or something wrong with my graphics.

Attempts to fix:

Scenery Cache

I use a:

iPhone 7
5.4 GB remaining

Here is a picture:

If there is already a topic created about this just send me the link and I will take a look. Thanks!

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Sounds like a visual glitch to me that likely only people other than the pilot can see

That was what I was thinking. I also found it I’d thar I could here the reverse thrust as well


We’ll see if anyone has been able to replicate the issue.

There is a glitch that u can do which involves pausing the game to keep thrust reverser going without holding back on them. I work go into detail, but it’s not a problem on your end, and I can guarantee that

I would find it weird to see this happen 2 times in less than a day. I also did hear the person turn off reverse thrust but then it reactivated

Hey there, I also encountered this issue on the expert server when I was controlling. An aircraft was taxiing with reverse thrust at 10knts! Sorry If it is hard to see, you might want to turn up your brightness for this pic.

Yes I can see. I think this is most likely a weird glitch. I’ll let know a mod about this. It does not really affect my flight, but the sound can get annoying when the aircraft parks next to you

This happens from time to time where the planes appear to be floating to a new location. It usually happens in busy airspaces.

A video might help as it could be another issue.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

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I’ll attempt to screen record next time I see this. The first time I saw this is when I was at KSEA and there was only the two of us there. He was in the Alaska A320

I can also screen record how to do it from the pilot’s perspective, as there is a way to glitch the reversers to stay activated

Looks like a bug.

You can stick R/V on by going into pause then coming out of it. That’s a possibility…

just a bug like the landing gear bug when you cant see some people landing gear aha

Encountered it on Training Server just now.
A 737-700 to my left taxied into the gate with reversers on, both visible and audible.

When the engines were shut down, the reversers were not stowed.

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So I guesse I just blend right in when I intentionally taxi with my reverse thrusters activated…duly noted.

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