Reverse ops at SFO. A midweek event to Midway w/ ATC - SWVA style

Date: 1/27/2021
Flight: KSFO - KMDW
Aircraft: 737-800
Flight time: 3:45
Departure: 00:30Z
Server: Expert

SWVA currently schedules one major event per week and multiple days of AOTW. Slowly, SWVA is gathering steam.

Welcome to the LUV

It’s very rare with the winds to use the 10s at KSFO. Yesterday was a fantastic day to be in Frisco.

Pushing back and starting to taxi.

The golden hour is upon us.

Never matters the time, Salt Lake is always a pleasure to fly over.

Seems like every event we host, one our pilots gets the go around. Today was my lucky day. ATC attempted to stop the plane from entering the runway after clearing him and realizing it was a bit too tight. FYI, I LUV go arounds! You can see in the distance, our Events director @Jordan808 already parked at the gate.

Cleared to land, runway 31C.

We’ve arrived! Hey guys! I see you!

Look at all the LUV!

A special thanks to @Jordan808 for hosting our events.

@HarryH1, @Mukundan_Srivatsa, @tuscantexan, @Josh_aviation along with all our pilots at SWVA, y’all are the reason we have so much LUV. Professional pilots and fantastic people.

A special shout-out as well to @CaptainZac and @Chitown for the services into Midway. Y’all make flying easy.

SWVA still doesn’t have a specific date to “re-open” and release our new thread, but if you think you can bring the LUV, reach out to me.😉

Heart sets us apart



The pics look amazing @OKCFlight86


Beautiful pictures

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@SWA1997 @BayoMan

I appreciate the LUV! TBH, I normally change the time for more glorious looking pictures (haha) but I tried to just keep the time as accurate as possible on this one. Not sure if I am a fan of this many night photos… Regardless, We at SWVA, appreciate the support.

@SWA1997 HMU, we have some AOTW to do!

EDIT: I think my favorite photo is def the go around one due to the planes beneath :)


I am planning on doing some flights today

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Yes it is but when we get the weather that we are having now that’s what happens. Good job using the right procedures! :) Nice shots as well.


Thank you Leo! Jordan is a fantastic events director. We try for the most realism as possible. See ya in the skies!


Yes them SFO reverse ops during golden hour with SWVA. It doesn’t get better than that. Nice pictures

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This looked so fun cant wait to join this VA!