Reverse gear tilt for IF updates in 2020

Something that would be really cool to see in Infinite Flight’s 2020 updates would be the option to have reverse gear tilt. As we have it currently, the gear on the A350 is tilted forwards. If the gear were tilted the other way, it would allow us to try and land on the back tires, like some of us have probably seen some aircraft do in real life. Let’s be honest, Who hasn’t wanted to try and recreate that?

Dude it’s supposed to be like that on the A359…


I was just using the A350 as an example. I’ve seen 747’s with it, and a number of other aircraft with it too.

I’m pretty sure all upcoming aircraft will have gear tilt anyways, and the 777 lands on it’s rear most tires so you’ll get what you want depending on the type of aircraft.

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But you know that the 777 will get that ,reversed gear tilt" right?

Actually, no I did not know that.

All upcoming aircraft FULL reworks/new aircraft that have gear tilt in real life will be given gear tilt now.

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Inform yourself before opening a topic them please :)
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Ahhh… Ok. Looking forward to it.

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That’s because this is how the real life A350’s gear is tilted. You can see that if you look at a picture of the A350 in flight. Other planes like the 747, 777, A330, and A340 have different gear tilt where the rear wheels are lowered.

Asking for reverse gear tilt on the A350 is akin to asking for the devs to make an A350 with four engines. Not realistic.

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Gear tilt front to back… back to front is still gear tilt depending on the make & model of aircraft. We already have one of them in the sim, expect to see it make an appearance on future aircraft.