Reveal: New 2016 Infinite Flight Livery design!

Behold! The new infinite Flight 2016 livery created and designed by me! I designed this livery yesterday in my drawings, so I decided to show the community my skills on creating a new livery for infinite Flight! Note that this example is on a CRJ900, an aircraft that isn’t in the game. I had to design the logo from scratch, and the text is Helvetica, with the corresponding colors. The livery (blue and orange) was made entirely by scratch, in which I used Gradient to give it a more 3D-ish look. I hope you all like and comment on what you think!
Registration on this Aircraft: [N610CT]
Boeing 787-8
Registration on this aircraft: [N1RT]

Behind the scenes:

Created in: Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

2016 Infinite Flight livery
The layers

The 787 with the new Livery!
The layers for the 787


It looks neat but needs some more Orange

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I used a gradient. Plus, Don’t want too much orange.

It actually does look much better than the current FDS liveries

Then it’s missing something small but I’m not sure what

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Love the gradient, very nice looking.

Thanks! :D

Needs more yellow, more orange, less blue, and some black, but otherwise, amazing livery!

That’s @Carson’s callsign - nice touch! ;)

Really nice work on the liveries! :)


Looks great! Really liked your gradients, makes it a little less plain. It’s something we can’t do with real planes, much more possibilities with digital planes.

Really nice vector work! The tail is spot on, I really like it. Maybe have the orange band meet the tail in a smooth sweeping curve?

Make the IF logo fully black that way it will stand out more

That livery looks pretty neat!

Wow, it looks awesome! Very well done @Daniel_Cerritos 👌

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Well, the liveries we currently have represent FDS and not IF. Perhaps we could have a change?

Why so much request for orange? I think it looks great!

make the infinite flight logo on the fuselage much bigger so you can read it better but other than that awesome

Thank you all for the comments! It takes me some time to create these (about 2-3hrs).

New 2016 IF livery confirmed!

The livery is similar to what you designed! Coincidence?


Eh, not a fan of this new one. Only if it was closer to the original design he had.