Revamping The Past Was Never On My Agenda

Just wanted to revamp some pictures of the past that I thought with the festive holidays that are coming up might cheer some of you up - we all love to see old Infinite Flight, don’t we?

Airport: Global variety
Server: Large variety
Destinations: don’t know, don’t ask
Aircraft: A320, A330, 747, 787, 777, 737, Dash 8, etc.


Respect to the queen ❤️


Australia, anyone? @Chris_Hoss


Zooming birdie 🦅

Engines of power, thrust of magnificence.

IFATC dank, just like this photo @Will_A. Can anyone see the retro 777? 👀

If you want more, I can do a part #2 :) Thanks for stopping by.


Please part 2

Stay tuned 👀

May even throw in some Helicoper Skiing pics on #real-world-aviation at some point

haha in the very back

Really nice shots ! Waiting for part 2 ! :)

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Can we please have part 2?

Actually very front. Nice try though.

in the works 👀

If the community demand is enough, I will.

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