Revamped 777

How about a revamped 777? New cockpit (updated with 3D knobs,switches,cockpit lighting etc…) perhaps a better model and custom 777 specific sounds.

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Nah, I think the 777s are already pretty well made (apart from the wrong engines on the B772…).


Execly!!! Its better also add more Liverys how Turkish Airlines, Pakistan Airlines etc

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For the poll part - How do I make a poll again?

They should focus on reworking the 787 instead. Right now its completely horrible to fly, let alone to look at.


I think it would be nice, but with three variants already in IF, and other aircraft with higher priority (i.e A321 and 787), it might be a while…

However, United 777 would be great!


Iam also favourite to 777 liverys 7 is my lovely number. Best Avation 777liverys.
I would like fly at night with windows light and also with new cockpit. Pls Bugs Cockpit

When Boeing comes out with the 777x sires that’s when they could revamp the aircraft


Because 7 is my loveyly number and i like a big planes.
I think always a big in future.

Thank you so much for sharing this I would have never thought to look for a tutorial for making polls. Btw I was wondering how to make a poll for the longest time possible.

I think they should add British airways 777-300ER


Hope we get the Star Wats ANA 787-9!!

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Also Cathay Pacific’s new livery on their first 777-300ER

Yeah, maybe then. In about 1.5 years.

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The 777 is a wonderful aircraft , and I feel the devs are yet to do justice to it, the cockpit has blurries , and pixilation , can’t even read the titles , also cockpit lights for night would be great . So many wonderful liveries are yet to be added , including jet airways , air india etc , also would love the 777-200 LR

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Don’t forget Auto-land

Please… The white NAV light at the end of the wingtip should be included like on the 737.


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Virgin Australia and V-Australia 777-300ER please! :)


What about new Cathay Pacific Livery


They are working on the 787 right now.