Revamp the landings count within 90 days

I don’t see any post of people talking about this so I’d thought I would bring it up.

Here’s the issue, obviously I know the 90-day landing system, but I feel like it is time to fix it as this has been the system has been used since non-global.

Some of us can’t keep up with the requirements, but my idea is that you would lose 1 landing per day instead of a bunch every day when the new 90 days starts. I lost like 20 even though I never did 20 landings in 1 day within the 90 days before the new period.

Here are some flights I have been doing, but lost landings in the end

Friday, April 19
CYUL-KLAX (a330-300)
1 Landing (Before 111 landings, after 112

Saturday, April 20
1 Landing (Before 111 landings, After 109)

4 landings
(Before 109 landings, After 113)

Sunday, April 21
1 Landing (Before 113 landings, after 114)

KCVG-KDTW (a319)
1 landing (Before 113 landings, after 114

TBH it would be nice to revamp it and then maybe I would be more motivated to get to grade 5. Make it happen

Not trying to complain, but I am speaking of my ideas

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I don’t understand, could you please elaborate or simplify it?

There is a feature request with what I believe is what you are looking for, which is a revamp of the required landings for different grade levels. May I suggest you throw a vote there? There is also some good discussion in the linked feature request as well.


thank you. I’ll get a mod to shut this down

@DeerCrusher or any mod who sees this, can I get this topic closed THX