Reused Aircraft - What have you seen?


HI Guys!

I was recently checking out some 737 pics and found an interesting picture:

(It’s 737 Engine Chair)
What have you seen happen to reused aircraft?


It’s a house using the wings of a 747-100.


I’ve seen images of a 747 hotel:


I’ve stayed there! It was really cool.


How much is it a night?


I was in Stockholm recently, and there was a youth hostel in front of the Stockholm Arlanda airport that was made out of an old Pan Am 747. Very cool!


Boeing 727 is now a house for Bruce Campbell

Source: AwesomeInventions


I can’t remember but you can check out thier website:


Okay, that’s cool. I wonder what the inside looks like.


There are plenty of videos on it that you can find on YouTube, but you can also find it by simply searching “Boeing 727 House”.


This one is a completely unrelated Indian restaurant. What a treat… 2 of my favourite things combined!