Réunion to Mauritius! (Ethiopian Dash 8 Q-400)

Hello everyone!

Today I had the chance to fly to Mauritius about 3 times in a day, making me some great pictures around the beautiful waters that surround Mauritius… Anyways, to the details!

Flight Details

Route: FMEE (Réunion) --> FIMP (Mauritius)
Flight time: 1:20 mins (Thanks to the incredibly long approach and gate hold)
Aircraft and livery: Ethiopian Dash 8 Q-400


Thanks for looking, and until now and the next time, see you around, or in the skies!


MaxSez: “Beautiful water”? Where the beef? Some Black & White Dash shoots!, one faded vertical at altitude. Try again BC, LOL.
G’Day, Max


Awesome shots! @AlphaSeven

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Haha, not gonna lie Max, I was a bit disappointed on this route as there wasn’t a lot of beautiful water… On my way from Paris more north there was though 😜

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Really cool photos!

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Thank you mate!

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