Returning to the New World

At 19:00 Zulu I will be taking off from Provideniya Bay (UHMD) airport in Chokot, Russia to cross the Bering Straight, completing my tour of the coastlines of the Old World and landing at Wales, Alaska (PAIW) to return to the New World. The tour started in Tangier (GMTT) on July 3, 2019 and went around the African continent, then around the Mediterranean Sea, down the Red Sea, along the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, India, Southeast Asia, China, and finally up the eastern coast of Russia. The maps below show the route. The total flight distance was 34547 nM, and total flight time was 220 hours and 45 minutes, landing at 237 different airports. All flights were in GA aircraft. From Alaska I will begin my next journey along the “backbone of the Americas”, the mountain ranges that run from British Columbia to Tierra de Fuego. Maybe I will see you along the way.

#1 Route around Africa and Mediterranean Sea.

#2 Route from Mediterranean Sea to India.

#3 Route from India to Bering Sea.


Incredible! Good luck, and have fun on your trip around the world!


The only thing I can say is WOW! That’s a huge show of dedication and really shows lots of commitment. The fact that you circled an entire continent, and have travelled around others as well must have taken forever, but it shows just how much we as people can do if we put our mind to it.

Well done, and safe travels on the rest of your adventure!


Thanks @Butter_Boi. I learned a lot about the world on this trip. I was surprised to see how much has been altered by people, and concerned about how many airports (and cities) are close to sea level and may be under water in 50 years. There was a lot of beauty seen from a plane, but some, like the Sahara, was very boring.


Congrats ! This is indeed a remarkable experience. Life changing with an abundance of enlightenment. Many of us can only dream about it. It is unfortunate we are quickly destroying the only home we have…and our children’s children will suffer the consequences of our ignorance and ineptitude. Thanks very much for sharing. Safe travels and please keep us posted…I hope you have and keep a journal…i would be an interesting read.😊

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How cool is that! Good luck with your future adventures, many happy landings!

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Somehow IF has a issue where you get disconnected if you pass 70 hours, assuming you’re doing all these in one sitting.

As I said in the post, this journey was over 14 months and each new airport was during a new session.

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