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Good morning! My name is Tyler. I have been on again off again on Infinite Flight for many years. For a couple years I didn’t have the PRO subscription and I would just fool around in solo Flight. Last year during the height of the pandemic, I flew literally all day everyday for months and ranked up over 1000 hours in a short time span. I became quite sufficient in real world practices and took the simulator to its extremes of realism and opportunities. I only flew real world routes, always listened to the instructions giving by ATC. I loved participating in the werky ATC schedule and events.

Unfortunately after I restarted working full time I had to prioritize work and after finding myself a beautiful girlfriend (not unfortunately), I just simply didn’t have time to fly for many months. There were multiple times I downloaded the simulator in hopes to once again fly but I always got busy and uninstalled it. While I still am working full time and still am fully committed to my relationship first, I thought it was about time I get back into the skies with this awesome community of aviators

I won’t be racking up 1000 hours in a few months and I’m sure there will be stretches I simply can’t fly but I am looking forward to the days I go to sleep with the plane on autopilot, only to purposely wake up at 6am to land it. I look forward to conserving with this awesome group of guys and talking about our favorite passion, Aviation!

I have multiple questions regarding rules and updates since it had been awhile. If one of you guys would message me and be willing to refresh my memory on a few basic things and talk about some updated items, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Glad to see you back and hope to see you around!

Always prioritise real life over Infinite Flight, trust me it is definitely more important 🙃

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Hello! Welcome back! :)

Infinite Flight has changed so much in the past months with things such as removing the ghost and introducing the violation system to adding 3D Buildings to 21 airports
You can always check out Infinite Flight’s blog to see what things have changed.

Here are some links on the most recent updates to the simulator/community!

ATC Schedule Management
Buildings & Clouds Q&A
Official 21.1 Tracking Thread

Welcome back! Hope you stay with us :)

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@Tyler_Barley certainly a familiar face, nice to see you back again.

In regards to the new shiny stuff, @infiniteflight_17 made a fantastic post recently about the newest updates, so I’ll link it here for you, full credit to Asher:

There’s also a review video and a look into the newest update:

Nice to see you back again, happy flying

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