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Dear Community,

I am delighted to announce that after 3 years of inactivity, I am officially back in the IF world. Seeing many once-members now taking the responsibilities of moderators or even staff is inspiring to the the least. It is a pleasure to see the progress IF has taken since the early days of global. Appreciate the hard work the devs have put into IF so that updates are getting more frequent and of higher quality than ever. Would anybody care to reply with their favourite new feature since 19.1 so that I can get that much more excited to explore IF its form nowadays? Hope to spark a wholesome conversation here!

Best Regards,


Welcome back!

My two favorite features that got added are the A220-300 and 3D objects! The best combo of new features you could get is therefore a flight with JetBlue’s into Boston for example, combining a brand new aircraft with a big 3D airport. Of course there are a lot more possibilities!


Welcome back, Justin! I’d have to say my personal favourite feature since 19.1 has got to be the new 3D buildings at airports. Oh, and the reworked aircraft and the animated jetbridges and the pushback trucks and VNAV and SIDs and STARs… the list goes on.


Welcome back to Infinite Flight!

Wow, since 19.1? Where do I start?

  • 3D buildings and objects around the world
  • Reworked aircraft, like the 777, A330, 757 and the all-new A220
  • Moving jetbridges and pushback trucks
  • Real-world airspaces and IFR departure and arrival procedures
  • VNAV for descent
  • The return of the Center frequency
  • No more “ghostings” - an all-new, more transparent violations system

And more to come!


You have quite a few favorite features ^^


Even the 757 got reworked? Now that’s news!!

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Welcome back after the triennium, lots to catch up on!

Thankfully IF have progressed massively and you’ll find yourself more addicted to the sim than ever before unfortunately 😂

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Welcome back to infinite flight. A lot has changed from aircraft reworks, to 3D airports to the highly requested A220 being added to the game.

Enjoy the flight and stay safe ☺️☺️


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Yup! With brand new engine sounds too!

It was released in 20.3, here’s the release announcement of that time:

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Welcome back! There are a whole lot of things before 19.1!

Animated Jetbridges
3D Airports
Aircraft Reworks (A220, 757 etc.)
Avelo 737

I cant even list the rest 😅

Let’s fly together sometime, PM me so we can fly! 😊


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