Returning pilot

I’m returning back tor infinite flight and cannot seem to be able to restore my in app purchases. I haven’t played for about two years? Do the accounts information get deleted after a certain time period?


What are you trying to restore - did you purchase aircraft or regions?

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Aircraft and my flight profile with my hours on etc

If you do not have an active subscription, you cannot log in to your account. Do you have an active subscription?

No. So I need to do that first for me to be able to recover everything? Thankyou

Yes. On some cases it’ll create a new account, but if that happens, you can send an email to to have that reseolved :)


Hey it worked! My last flight was 2017 haha Christ I better brush up

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Have fun back in the casual server! 😆

A ton of things have changed and new things have arrived in the past 2 years, I’m guessing you’ve retured aware of some of the bigger projects and updates?


I e actually just been without a. iPad and just bought one. The nav looks different now. Gonna do a Gatwick to Paris run to get my eye back in. Just loading now

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Beautiful choice! I’m not too far from Gatwick on the coast, everything has changed and is very confusing at first but once you’re used to it, it actually becomes a massive help.p

Also I the past few years a lot of aircrwft have been updated to make your experience in and out of the cockpit even more cool! If you’re flying easyJet then you’ll be in for a fun ride!

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Why specifically easy jet? I didn’t think about that and took off in an Air France airbus. Really enjoying it again and take off was beautiful.
There’s a guy sitting in the cockpit with me now.
I’m in the a350 900

Welcome back! 👋🏻

If you purchased planes in the past they will probably appear as free if you don’t have an active subscription (or at least that happened to me)

Not true, I’ve logged into my account before without a sub and was able to restore.

Going well so far guys, thanks for the help

Same thing happened to me. I ended up just making a new Google account and downloading again

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