Returning A350's for Service! @EDDF 121545ZDEC19

Lets do a group flight from Frankfurt to Toulouse for a yearly-aircraft check!

About Frankfurt airport
About Toulouse airport

Flight Details

Route: EDDF - LFBO
Aircraft: Lufthansa A350-900
Server: Expert
Time: 2019-12-12T12:45:00Z
Flight time: About 1-2 hours
Copy my flightplan
Spawn anywhere in EDDF

See you there!

If you are coming please spawn now!

I’m behind you!

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Sorry my device keeps on crashing, wishing u good luck though

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Great! Make sure to change your callsign to flight of 2!

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IPad our of charge!

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Should I wait for you?

It’s fine as I now have to go out!

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