Return to the Expert Server | Eurowings A319 from Palma de Mallorca to Stuttgart

Seven touch and goes later I regained my landing requirements for the expert server, and promptly took advantage of ATC services at Palma de Mallorca to fly a short hop over to Stuttgart, Germany. Very calm winds, likely due to the fact that we skirted the Alps at 33,000 feet, so the seatbelt sign remained off for most of the flight. Touched down just as the sun fell below the horizon, and I must admit my takeoff was much better than the landing (the airport map is great but boy would taxi lights help me not drift off the runway at 50 kts trying to make my exit.

Flight Details
  • Eurowings A319
  • LEMA to EDDS
  • Expert Server
  • Evening

And now… the photos

“Eurowings 354, runway 06R, cleared for immediate takeoff”

“Cleared for takeoff, runway 06R, Eurowings 354”

Spotter shot from the south end of the airport grounds as the gear retracts

Cockpit photo shoot — pilot’s view of the mountains after takeoff

The beautiful detail and working instruments of the A319

The final rays of sun glint off the instruments as the light slowly fades from the clear night sky over Germany

Don’t forget to click on the photos for the full clarity of those 4K res screenshots! That’s all for today! Rock77 out


Very nice pictures! Good work :)

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Thanks - I ended up spending more time in the cockpit for this flight, and seeing those instruments light up while the sun set was great. Plus watching the Alps pass in the distance was also amazing. In short, European short haul flights never disappoint!

Fantastic shots man! Well done!

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Thank you! Glad you liked them :)

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Very nice shots! The Eurowings livery is just stunning!

Was this at yesterday’s event by any chance?

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@candrej It’s definitely a great livery! Yes and no - I missed the event timing but LEMA was busy all day. Unfortunately EDDS lost ATC service before I arrived, but I did enjoy seeing the realistic traffic at Mallorca in the two photos I got above!

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Ahhh I see, it was busy all day! I’m surprised with how realistic the traffic flow actually was! :D

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