Return to London

This flight when well from yesterday like it’s only for domestic routes so I did international instead like back to London with the American 777 and it was better fast when I stepped climbed to FL390


Boeing 777-200ER

Taken off from busy Chicago

Flying kinda close to a JetBlue E190 from New York or something

Gotta say they really did a great job on the cabin

It’s gonna be evening since we leave Canada


Entering wales and here is a Cargolux 747

Some moonshot I kinda did well on

Made a alright landing with one wheeling down and up

Hopefully what’s gonna be next in Infinite flight soon with new 777 reworks


Night time images can be hard to edit due to like the lines in tha sky

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The Oneworld AA livery in the 772 livery is immaculate it’s so nice!

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Thanks! I personally liked that livery even the unreworked one

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Very cool pictures!

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Thanks a lot dude

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