"Return to Live Weather" button on Solo

Sometimes I spawn on solo to do dumb stuff, like trying to land an XCub at 100kt winds, but there isn’t a way to return to live weather after, and even after spawning on a server, when I return to solo, it still has the messed up weather. My idea would be to add a simple button below the weather settings that would allow you to return to the live weather on solo.

Thanks for reading!

Solo doesn’t have Live Weather, never have. So not quite sure what you’re asking? :)

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Sometimes I spawn in solo and it contains the live weather, exactly like it was when I last despawned from online

Is this pure coincidence? I always thought solo got the weather from live.

It’s literally only that :)
The last weather state that was noted while flying online, is transferred to Solo. But there’s nothing more to it :)

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Oh ok, my bad.


No worries at all :)

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