Return to Infinite Flight

A few days ago I decided to start playing again after not playing for a year and a half. Today I finally got back to grade 3 and flew my first flight on the expert server. I flew LTAI-ESSA in 3 hours 38 minutes.

  1. Departure from Antalya

  2. Climbing

  3. Flying over Istanbul

  1. Flying past the Carpathian Mountains in Romania

  1. Descent

  2. Lined up with runway 19R

  3. Touchdown

  4. Taxiing to the gate

  5. At the gate


Hi, that last pic looks so real! Amazing.


Nice use of blur in these photos. It really helped enhanced the focus. Great job!

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I think it looks kinda weird in some of them but still thanks


Those pictures we awesome

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appreciate it

The last photo is amazing, what software did you use to edit the photos?

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Thanks. I used an app called Photo Editor- on my phone

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Great shots dude!!👍

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thank you.