Return to Infinite Flight Soon?


Just checking in because I haven’t posted since January 5, I have since completed my lifeguard training course and have been officially certified as of Sunday. I have not gotten to experience 22.1 since I have been on certain restrictions by state. But I will be back to playing Infinite Flight this summer mixed in with a bit of lifeguarding. I will have limited hours but I’ll certainly will be back by either April or May. I hope everybody had an amazing valentines day, I certainly did with my special someone :)



Hey Chris, long time no see!

Congratulations on your lifeguard certification, that’s some good experience and also a pretty good flex at the pub in the right situation!

Just remember not to get Infinite Flight mixed up with the Lifeguarding: your phone won’t substitute as a floatation device! Mine didn’t anyway…

Make sure to check the blog, the new update is wild!


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