Return to [Frequency Name] on [Frequency]

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday, IFC! I hope everyone is doing well today!

I was inspired to make this feature request by my friend, @IF787, and we felt that it would be very useful to all controllers.

There are existing On-Guard commands like “N1DS, you’re on/in an active airport/airspace, please switch back to (Frequency Name) on (Frequency), thank you”. The request would be to be able to assign a frequency for the aircraft to return to.

Current Issue
Currently, there is no use of this command to controllers; the command only works when the aircraft is currently on your frequency. This means that the only way to get an aircraft back on your frequency if they disconnected unauthorized is to quickly message the other controller to return the aircraft to the initial frequency. While this works, I think it would be much more professional to have an official message for this.

Benefits of the request
The benefits of having this are pretty good. If, for example, you are the approach controller at KLAX and an aircraft switches to tower unauthorized, the approach controller can send, "N1DS, you’re on an active airspace, please switch back to Socal Approach on 124.50, thank you”. This not only helps to maintain an organized airspace, but it also helps to better direct pilots to the correct frequency.

Concluding remarks
Many controllers would love to see this, and I think it would be very helpful for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to view this, and I wish you an amazing day! :)

I love this because messaging the other controller when busy is very inconvenient.

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