Return to Flight After Game Crash

This therefore means that if your game chrashes you will still be able to return to your current flight! This would make people like me not to worry about the game chrashing during a long haul flight for example.

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This is not usefull because airplanes would appear in sky random and all the data is already saved


This would be a very helpful feature to have. I’m for it because my game crashes during almost every flight I do. However, this wouldn’t work (in my opinion) because planes would be spawning in mid-air which could interfere with ATC.


That’s quite ture, however if you get to the final 20 minuets of your long haul flight and it crashes, I would be quite annoyed. XD @rohaim_khedr and @Joseph_Spinner. I do agree with both of your opinions especially when it come’s to interfering with ATC.


Here’s why I think this wouldn’t work. No offense. (This is just my opinion)

  • Airplanes randomly spawning mid flight, exact altitude, exact speed, exact airspace, c’mon. This would take longer than Global
  • ATC would want to rage quit after this, I know I would.
  • This wouldn’t need to be implemented as I’m sure the DEVS would fix all game crash bugs in 2018.

Remember this is just my opinion. That shouldn’t stop you guys from voting. BTW, Can you shorten the title in any way? Like, (Re-spawn at location after game crash option).

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Hey if you create a feature request I recommend to vote for it😉

I agree with those that say that planes spawning in the air out of nowhere would be annoying. Here is my idea:

  1. The game crashes during a flight.
  2. From the moment the game crashes your plane will continue flying in the air for at most, 1-2 minutes following its flight plan on NAV mode (this would only work if you have a flight plan).
  3. You have that amount of time to get back in the app and continue the flight.
  4. Once your connection is established and you are back behind the controls, the timer for your airplane disappearing from the airspace would stop and you could continue on your flight path for the remainder of the flight.
  5. If your game crashes and your 1-2 minutes is up, your plane disappears from the airspace and you would have to start a whole new flight.

That is just my suggestion. I don’t know if it is going to be hard or not to implement that into the game, but that is just my suggestion.

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your poll didn’t work…

Oh, sorry, this is my first time posting a poll.

Ok, I think I fixed it

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Already Suggested by me (and hated by the community)