Return The Time Zone/Locations

My very first request under “feature” so let’s do this!

When flying in multiple time zones before, we would see exactly the location we’re flying over.

I’m requesting returning time zones and their locations during flying. For instance for the newcomers, in the U.S., flying from Boston to San Diego, you would see under “Time Zone”, (New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles), or flying over let’s say Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc., the capital of the country you’re flying over).

Better yet, even more detailed, you would see the capital of the state (in the U.S.) you’re flying over.

This was one of my personal FAVORITE features while flying, even learned about other countries I never heard of. Having this feature would not only be awesome but also educational geographic wise too.

Looking forward to this feature returning to the best mobile flight sim in the world…literally! :)

Unfortunately they changed that for specific reasons, reference link below:

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They said they would continue working on it, so it may come back it may not…

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I’ll put it out there that as the sim evolve more it will. Thank you so much for the reference :)

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The locations is probably a side effect of the old way of handling things.
In reality the only thing that screen needs to show is the time zone relative to UTC.

I still have that feature!

ALL AVIATION is Under ZULU hrs as far as I know
This would confuse pilots too much with time zones🤔