Return the original time zone locations

This is my first request for a feature so here we go, if I make mistake help me out :)

I discovered so many new countries in certain locations all over the world when the time zones used to say where you were flying over. Now, the time zones just say (Asia), (America), or even (UTC), and makes flying so confused of exactly where I’m flying over. Is there a way that there can be an option where the identity of the country’s airspace can be shown again? I’ve searched for a duplicate but didn’t find one. Thank you in advance :)



As this is a feature request, this topic would be more suited to the #features category.

Unfortunately, to post in the #features you need to be TL2 - Member and you are currently TL1 - Basic User.

Keep liking, commenting and participating in the community in a positive manner overall and you’ll reach TL2 and be able to post in the #features category in no time.

Take care mate!


Hello there!!

This is a great idea and I totally agree with you, but this should go in the #features category. Since you’re only TS1, you can’t post In the features category. Just keep doing what you are and you’ll be there in no time!! Sorry 🤷🤷

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It’s okay, thank you both for your response and I’ll keep working on making it to TL2, thank you :)

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You can always check map and look at the FIR region of where your flying or check country outline and a world map such as google maps

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When this becomes a feature request, I will 100% be voting.

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Yeah I got used to doing that after the last update where it all changed. I was just reminiscing seeing the actual location under the “time zone” banner, it actually taught me some new places and countries I never heard of before, I would go to Wikipedia to read up on it while flying lol

I am pretty sure if they removed it they wont be adding it back no matter what people do

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I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure they’ve re-added a thing or two after a bit a couple times.

This here would be useful because, for example, America has six different time zones, and other countries and regions obviously also have time zones with different country/city names. Putting a name on the time zone as one of the major cities would help us know which exact zone were in, or even if they just put “America — Central” or something (I like city names better though)

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Well they have (UTC-8:00) and it does change if you fly around you can use this to determine timezone and whre you flying. I think adding cities as description would be useful

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