Return of the weird battery issue

This is really weird.

First, let me explain my procedure when flying. I typically use near full brightness for critical phases of flight, which drains my battery even when the charger is plugged in. Then, once I get to cruise, I go brightness low, and my battery regains throughout the flight (usually).

Here is a timeline of my last few days.

Wednesday: I fly about 14 hours in one day. KLAX - KSEA - KSAN - KSFO - KBOS. My battery gains during cruise throughout the entire day and I land in Boston with close to 100%. No issues whatsoever.

Thursday (1pm to about 6pm): I attempt KBOS-CYVR. My battery slowly drains throughout the flight, and while I am troubleshooting the issue, I close out of the app for too long and the flight goes bye bye. I get frustrated and put it away for a bit

Thursday (around 10pm): I give it another try. KBOS- KJFK, I have brightness full the entire flight, so I expect to lose battery, and I do. Then, I go KJFK- HECA and my battery gains once again. I believe I have solved the issue by taking my iPad out of its case.

Friday: Turn right around in Cairo to head for FNF in Vienna. HECA-LOWW I gain battery the whole time. I land in Vienna and turn right around for Paris. LOWW-LFPG I gain battery the whole time. I turn around for Atlanta.

Now: I am now en route to Atlanta. My battery is slowly draining once again. My brightness is as low as it will go and I have low power mode on.

Please give me suggestions. What the heck is going on?


Are you using the B777 because it might do that when using a new reworked aircraft If so, is your device warm?

I am in the A350 now. My device was hot about 30 minutes ago so I put it by the window. It is still going down. Last night, when the battery was gaining, I was in the 77W. I have had flights with A320 series with both positive and negative battery growth.

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What decide are you using?

It’s some kind of iPad. Not sure exact model but I can get that if it matters.

I used to fly on my phone and I would always keep it full brightness and it would always end up at 100% not matter what.

Are there other apps running? Often times a simple app polling the internet (ads often) will create an additional draw on resources.

Low power mode is IF low power mode right, not the device low power mode?

And are you plugged into the wall or USB for charging?

No other apps running.
Low power mode is on for IF. My iPad does not have Low power mode.
I am plugged into a wall.

Honestly, I think it may have to do with my house’s Xmas lights being on. I don’t really know what else it would be. I have tried everything.

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Oh I had this issue once or something like it. So I was flying San Francisco to Beijing. I plugged my charger into my charging station not the iPad block charger it’s self. I asked my friend in confusion on why it happened he said that I have to use the Apple iPad block charger (because it produces so much power to charge the iPad). I tried it with the block charger then next flight and it worked and I was all set hope this helps!

Thank you for the suggestion. I have been using the block for all flights, but I am going to look into purchasing a faster block.

The biggest thing I am just really baffled about is what changed between the flights where battery went up and the flights where battery has gone down. It does not make sense.

Weird what charger do you use mine tend to break over time

It isn’t going to be a problem for the Atlanta flight, I am losing approx 1% every 10 mins and I am at 82% at the moment so I have about 14 hours before it dies. I was planning on turning around for Johannesburg which is now in jeopardy.

Wait are graphics on high idk if you said it but I notice in full graphics it drains fast

This has happened to me as well. I’m running a very beat-up 6S and when I fly the 777s or the A350 my battery slowly goes down even on the charger (it’s about 2% an hour). Doesn’t happen with other aircraft.

I think its the stock apple charger? Regardless, it’s the same charger I used earlier when the battery was going up.

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It went down on the A319 yesterday as well. Last night it went up in the 77W.

That’s odd. Could it simply be a software issue? How old is said iPad?

It’s pretty much a brand new iPad that is only used for IF and Garmin Pilot when I fly IRL. I am thinking maybe the latest software update did something to hurt it.

Thank you everyone for trying to help I really appreciate it.

I am running on a iPad Air 7 when I fly I have graphics at low and battery goes up it may take a long time to gain battery but it works
(Even with the 777)