Return of the king: Jet Airways is back!

Now, if Infinite Flight releases the Jet Airways A330 Livery, that will be the cherry on top of the cake!

Anyways, congratulations to Jet Airways New Management & for Approval… 🙌


Well, customer satisfaction can be very subjective. On one flight, service may be great, but on another it may not be that great depending on the service.

Another thing to keep in mind, take some of the reviews with a grain of salt. Many of these reviews are from 2019 right around when Jet stopped operations, so obviously things are going to be frantic & it’s not easy considering half of Jet’s workforce has been cut off, their source of bread & butter. It’s also not a simple thing to iron out as many flights had to be cancelled & customers are still waiting to this day for refunds, even they are going to be angry about that & so you’ll see such reviews.

Another thing, there are many reviews from people in foreign countries, such as about the broken IFEs & terrible food and such. Not to undermine their reviews, but the main prospect of Indian aviation in recent years to take people from point A to point B in lower cost.

Most carriers in India anyways haven’t installed IFEs. Most people are also generally not stringent about food because hey, at the end of the day, you’re able to travel almost anywhere in India in real life at almost the price of like 2-3 months of IF Pro subscription. Regardless of that, the food is still great to me (I understand though that people may not have the same opinion as me, again that’s subjective too). It’s normal for the demographic that Jet majorly serves.

You are entitled to your opinion, but for many of us, Jet Airways was a king, is a king, & will hopefully remain a king for the years to come. Jet did something right, I’m sure it’s been given a second lifeline for a good reason.

Yes sir.

Adding to what is rightly said by @ran, the customer service was always top-notch at Jet Airways, and in its last stages, the management started to compromise in in-flight services in order to reduce the cost of service so that they can protect the airlines from collapsing. If you would check its reviews before 2019 and 2018, you can clearly see how popular Jet Airways was in India.


Would you like some fries and coke with that?
I do not understand why people utter nonsense without proper information


Well, I guess Pan Am wasn’t a King either


Let us not waste time on such people. They have no other work except spreading negativity with improper information and half knowledge




Precisely right!

Happy to see Jet Airways coming back, will be happy to see them making their way back up the charts!


ye boii


He flies
He lands
But most importantly
The legend is bacc

Nice to see that. Can’t wait to fly with that Airline in some day!


Moreover, it’s getting a little off-topic now. It would be fun to see us get back on the topic rather than some people persuading us to whether or not it was a king. Well hello, maybe not for you but for us. Every airline is an emperor in its own way.

Okay back to topic now!!!

And glad to see you back Jet Airwayss!!


To these people and everyone let’s see how JET used to be!
In this video you can clearly see how their First class was, not to mention that they had started facing financial problem during this time

In the second video , somewhere around 2018 you can see how their business class used to be
(Even in the domestic sector)

Now talking about economy, I have travelled in its economy and even though the flight was not more than 45 minutes long, I was served food (it was very nice) and the crew was charming and welcoming, a perfect flight to start a day in Jaipur it was


Same Here!😆


Everyone excpet you


Alright, take this to a PM please. Let’s not get this wonderful topic closed before we even get a chance to celebrate it :)

I hope they retain their First and Business products the way they used to. I’m also excited for any new tie-ups they may do with other airlines. Do you think the old alliance with Etihad will still stand?


I do think it will stand. They owned a huge chunk of jet airways’ share and I hope they continue with the same at the time of restart.


actually i dont trust Etihad having Jet’s shares…

Can’t say about eithad but since they had MANY codeshares, it’ll be beneficial for them and us (travellers) if they join skyteam alliance (as most of their codeshares were from skyteam)


They may still continue First and Business as Mr. Murari laal said that it will be a full service provider just like before