Return flight to Riga/Skiathos to Riga/Air Baltic A220

Greetings to everyone from Skiathos international airport, in Greece. Yesterday, I flew Air Baltic’s inaugural flight to Skiathos, Greece, and it’s time to bring the plane back to its home base in Riga. As always, I hope you enjoy these photos!

Flight Information:
Route: Skiathos to Riga
Flight Time: 2:40
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A220-300
Airline: Air Baltic
Callsign and Flight Number: BTI608, with an ATC Callsign of Air Baltic 8ML
Climbed to an Initial crusing altitude of FL340, then to FL360, and then up to FL380

And here she is at the gate. Like yesterday’s inaugural flight, passengers were offered a variety of snacks, including cheese and crackers (I’m sure Scott from would be happy), as well as free coffee and tea at the gate before boarding began

Taxi out to the runway at Skiathos airport

Static takeoff was performed due to the runway length. I have to say, out of all the places I’ve flown into, Skiathos is probably my favorite out of them all!!!

Very stunning departure, and of course very blue water

Decent and arrival into Riga. Today’s procedure took us directly over the Riga airport at about 5000 feet

Nice crosswind landing. Definitely a challenge for me

Arrival at Gate

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