Return Flight, St. Thomas to Miami

This is a follow up topic to my last one, from Atlanta to St. Thomas. I did a return flight to Miami.

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 2:08
Aircraft: B757 AA

  1. Parked at the gate in St. Thomas ready to bring these sun kissed passengers back to the Sunshine State.

  1. Rocket takeoff from runway 28

  1. At cruise Through the beautiful Puerto Rican waters

  1. Its established that the Caribbean has the most beautiful water in IF

  1. Say hello to Grand Bahama 😁😍

  1. On descent into Miami

  1. A nice wingtip shot as Miami Intl looms in the background

  1. Atc View of touchdown as a Delta 757 holds short

  1. Cleaning flaps as the Delta 757 thunders down runway 26L

  1. Parked at the gate as the passengers return to the Sunshine State.

What was your favorite picture?

(Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you all for viewing my topic 😁)


Wow ! I’ll definitely try this route , the colors of the ocean and others are just stunning !
Thanks for sharing, these shots are on point though ^^ .

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Da 757 go hardπŸ₯Ά


@anon36354988 Thanks so much. The water colors are really nice its a fun route, and its not that long.

@DanyyRude the 757 is so versatile and performs so well on short runways, unlike the 737 and a321, which is what sets it apart.

thank you both for viewing my topic


Beautiful photos, I love the scene as well

Nice shots man. I did that route with Delta Boeing 757-200 but KATL-TIST.

@Udeme_Ekpo thats crazy, because that was the flight i was returning from πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Thank you so much, the carribean is a really nice area

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I think out of all, picture number 4 is my favorite

Great shots mate. Really love the B757

Amazing shots!πŸ‘Ί

@MichaelMetaxas and @anon57312879 thank you guys i appreciate it

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The stunning Caribbean colours and some cool wing views make this a more then enjoyable topic! Thanks for sharing!

No problem man i do appreciate the feedback. more on the way πŸ˜‰

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