RetroLAX Event Pictures

Hello everyone. Way back in March I held an event at LAX Airport and said I would post pics from it. Well fast forward a couple months and I totally forgot. So here are all the photos from that event! Once again thanks to everyone who ended up attending my event.

Southwest B737-800 landing. Very new addition to Southwest flight back in the late 2000s

An old Continental Airlines DC-10 landing. Retired a while before they ceased operations

A Boeing Business Jet B737-700 parked at a remote stand

American MD-11 taking off in that iconic chrome livery

Another American. This time a B777-200ER

Varig B777-200ER landing

The two American chrome aircraft at the gate

Southwest B737-700 Desert Gold livery landing. Looks like the pilot forgot the gear!

America West B757-200 taking off. One of the most beautiful liveries to exist

United Express CRJ-200 taking off in that classic Tulip Livery

Thats all the pictures I got today. Have a good one!


These are unique! Its a nice change from all the same stuff i always see on here.

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Love the pilot of the American 777 and Desert Gold Southwest… oh wait, that’s me! Lol

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Nice editing! I like this a lot.

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Nice photos! That American 777 is going to have a CRAZY flight with that rear door open though!!


Yeah, I’d hope they realize before they get to high!


I see me.


Nice pictures, definitely a fun and unique perspective!

That first SWA 738 is throwing me off a bit tho because SW didn’t get their first -800s until the early 2010s.

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Lol I think I just picked that because the Canyon Blue livery was sorta common in the 2000s

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Someone’s gonna parachute out that door.


Well now now I know what to do if there’s a kid crying In the plane 😈


nice photos!

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You and your dislike for kids…

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